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Welcome to my workshop page below are the workshops currently being offered at PENCRAIG Mid Wales.


NEW  Energy Healing, learn how to heal yourself your animals your friends.

no experience necessary.  Energy healing helps the healing process by clearing blocks in the energy field. it can help with Trauma, Stress, physical distress, emotional problems, toxins,  headaches, hormones to name a few. it can bring balance and maintain health and vitality. so even if you are not unwell, it will help keep your body balanced.

cost is £95 workshop is from 11am - 4pm. with on-going email/phone support.


Animal Communication Workshop:
                          Learn how to communicate with your horses, cats and dogs. Animals provided for workshop. workbook and ongoing support.  I will also come to your place for 10 or more people. 11am - 4pm, with a light lunch provided. £90. certificate of completion.
 Animal communication course: By email course costs £100.  with ongoing support via email.

For those of you who have started to communicate with animals but wish to take it a step further, or want to  brush up on your skills.
This course is a follow on of the above, learning how to communicate but follows on with email back up, you receive case studies to complete , and then you get feedback on them with ways that they could be improved (if needed)  directing your energies in a more effective way. There are 4 case studies for you to complete.  This can be done in your own time but within 3 months. If you feel you need more time, due to outside issues etc, then this can be arranged.  with a manual case studies, several meditations using guides and shamanic journeys. certificate of completion.   If you have already been on one of my workshop you are welcome to go on this follow on course.  If you have not attended a workshop here but feel you would benefit from this email course get in touch to discuss it.    £100_________________________________________________________________________________________

Horse Healing using Reiki energy Open to students attuned to Reiki 1st, 2nd, or Masters degree.Learn how to use Reiki healing on horses, how to handle horses if you are not used to them. or if you require a refresher course to get you back into Healing.
Course content: The benefits of Reiki energy healing for horses. Understanding meridians, chakras and the aura
Common problems and how to help these. The animals comfort during healing.
Discovering pain or discomfort practical. The healing session practical exercises on horses, dogs.
Cost £95

 Follow on course for Reiki 1st, 2nd Degree, and Masters'
course content:
Insurance, ethics and being professional at what you do.
Initial contact - gathering information
Making an initial assessment - first visit to the client
Treatment Consent forms.
Recording information & data protection
Distance healing Monitoring and follow up visits    £95                                                      ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                            Reiki healing for horses Level 1: £95 10 - 4.30pm. work one to one with a horse small groups of 4 people or can be done individually. 
Workbook provided,this in depth course enables you to learn how to self heal and also heal animals, workbook and certificate at end of training.  .  light lunch and animals to practice on. certificate to Reiki level 1 
Schedule for the Level 1 course: attunement to Reiki Level 1 which will enable you to heal your friends if you already have Reiki one you don't need to do this part, unless you want to.

Introductions and what Equine Reiki is about.  short meditation and first attunement to reiki 1History about each horse


Reiki level 1  attunement. £95.  Humans
An introduction to the universal life force energy of Reiki. In level 1 you will be attuned to the Reiki energy, and learn the basics of energy healing to the first level so that you can heal yourself, friends and family. Manual, certificate and ongoing support provided.
Reiki level 2 attunement £150 Humans 

Attunement to the second level of Reiki,  which enables you to become a professional practitioner. you receive the powerful Reiki symbols to use this will help you create a successful healing practice. Manual, certificate and ongoing support provided.

 Reiki level 3 masters.£250 Humans
. Attunement to the third level of Reiki, which enabling you to become a teacher and  to attune others. Learn how to use the powerful Master symbol, develop your personal relationship with Reiki, and become  confident as a teacher. Manual, certificate and ongoing support provided.


Build confidence with horses using body language and your energy field.
working with your horse in a natural way using body language, These workshops give the horse owner / rider the confidence to communicate safely and appropriately with horses, to generate a better relationship. This shows how posture, body language, your thought patterns, your emotions, stress and external stimuli can affect your relationship, leadership and communication skills with your horse friends and family. are you always put on or put down? let the horses show you where you are going to wrong and learn how to improve.
Horse Listening can give you an insight into the real you; how you act, react and interact with colleagues and business associates, and teach you techniques to improve self awareness, manage stress, enhance leadership qualities, and communicate more effectively. 2hour workshop £40.00

Psychic development workshop:
 Learn how to meditate, begin to see auras, read Tarot cards, psychometry, pendulum. this is a course for beginners, so we will just start to tune into the above, no experience necessary. workbook provided. £90. 12 - 4pm.
Psychic development by email £90

 Develop psychically in your own time,  in your own home, at your own pace, email back  up, full course of 10 lessons £90 can be paid in two parts. of certificate of completion. course cover, how to meditate, grounding, using your intuition, opening to channel, the aura, chakra's, meeting your spirit guide, Divination with Dowsing, Psychometry, divination with cards. a lot of my students have gone on and done the intermediate course and also are now working within the psychic field. 
LEARN HOW TO TUNE IN AND GET WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE. learn the rules and Techniques of cosmic ordering. learn how to draw up a plan to get what you want in life. ' Have you ever wondered why some people seem to live a naturally happy, healthy, wealthy and successful existence? Why some always manage to land the perfect job, home or relationship and appear to be “lucky” in everything they do? Well “luck” has nothing to do with it!

It all comes down to one powerful Law' THE LAW OF ATTRACTION'  known as Cosmic Ordering and The Power of Intention