Ardlancien  Elona (Alba )

who qualified for Crufts, got 5th place so really pleased with her, Sally Parsons handled her for me,.


Charm has had his sarcoids removed, it got to the stage where he was bleeding, and the stable was full of blood, the operation was successful, but he has lost weight, so is on feeds to build him up,  linseed meal, alalfa oil, cobra meal and fibre beet.

 Shadow the German shepherd puppy has had a hard time  of it so far, he has had elbow dysplasia and after a very costly operation he is still not sound so on pain killing medication for the rest of his life. he is now 10 months old and a big dog.
Charm's sarcoids are bleeding and are nasty looking, he is  being treated homoeopathically, and also on turmeric to see if that helps so far to be honest it is making no difference to him, there is a plan to remove them if it ever stops raining.

Rain and still more rain, but so much better for me anyway than snow which makes living here very difficult, with frozen yards and not being able to get up my drive. but the horses are still on 24 /7 turn out with access to the arena stable yard and 6 open stables I must admit they seem a lot happier more so that last year when they were kept in all night. too be honest though I could not do it without the arena for them to play in.
Well new year and new starts for everyone, Shadow is allowed now to go on very short walks, for 5 mins a day to be build up over time,
the horses are all looking well.
and the new stray that has turned up his quite enjoying living in the barn with ginger puss the other stray, they certainty can pack the food in.
the house cats Mabon and Mistzy still don't like each other and constantly fight, after 3 years doubt they will ever get on, have even givin them Reiki it does help for a short while but not long before the peace is broken.

lots of animal communications as well this month.
Charm is being treated with Reiki and massage to help with his poll and withers that seem to cause him problems, he was very stress y when he is saddled up and is a good monitor of when things go wrong. or he has back problems, he did have these issues when I brought him for meat price.
on an other matter his sarcoids are going, with the essential oils and mixture that I have made up
Goliathe is holding his own but he did seem a bit fed up at times troughout the summer,. at the moment he is not being ridden.

new puppy shadow is full of himself and also Alba so again have  deerhound and german shepherd the house was so empty without them,
Chance now being ridden and going well on hacks still has some difficulty going up hill so he chooses his own pace, but asked for canter! something he never does. Charm as a bad back and is off work, Goliathe is not looking great, in himself and was checked by vet who says he is okay for now.
Chance went to the Liverpool equine hospital to have his tests on his back and hocks it appears that he has hot spots in both places a steroid injection in his back to help they were unable to do his hocks as he was too naughty think they were pleased to see him go.
the new horse Charm is settling in well after buying him in Nov 2012, he was going for meat and is such a lovely horse it was a shame, he is an x hunter, he has a very high head carriage and may have back problems as he stopped jumping. so far am sorting out his feet and getting a saddle fitted to him so he can be buil sad and upsettingt up more
Fiag my deerhound had to be put to sleep just before Christmas it was very sad and upsetting.
Kiser my German shepherd also died in March from a long standing brain tumour both dogs are sorely missed.
The book is doing well and the feedback has been lovely. hopefully it will get people thinking about communicating with their own animals.
Rode Chance and communicated with Donna my daughters horse to see where her issues were and how she felt, she showed me some discomfort in area behind the saddle on going up hill not a lot of pain but a more stinging feel, she felt fine the rest of the ride, and was very relaxed.
did lovely communication with a dog in New Zealand the other day, with some issues, I feel though it will get sorted out and look forward to hearing an update on him.
Goliathe the rescue horse see pics, is starting his ridden work only walks at mo with a little trot as his muscles are recovering, he is a big horse 17,2hh but gentle he is a bit stressy at times but he will come good and is now part of the herd.